About Sevenoaks (Loaves & Fishes) Foodbank

How we started

Sevenoaks (Loaves & Fishes) Foodbank was set up 12 years ago by two mums who were concerned that children were arriving at school hungry. They approached their priest at St John the Baptist Church on Quakers Hall Lane and together they set up a food bank. It still operates from the church hall every Thursday. 

The ethos of Sevenoaks (Loaves & Fishes) Foodbank has always been about showing support and compassion to the people we serve and not only about providing food to those who need it. Our cafe is now open for clients to enjoy tea and coffee and have time to chat with friends.

Who we are

Sevenoaks (Loaves & Fishes) Foodbank is run exclusively by volunteers. The volunteers work as a team to provide clients and donors with a welcoming and safe environment. Donations come from a significant number of local churches and many local schools. We also receive donations from a range of local businesses, and organisations, as well as from many generous individual donors. 

The Sevenoaks (Loaves & Fishes) Foodbank benefits from the support of other charities such as the Hygiene Bank, Fare Share and Cakes for Kids. In time of plenty, surplus supplies are sent to other food banks in the area so that the generosity of our donors ripples further. The real success of the Foodbank is when a client does not need our help anymore!
St John the Baptist Church Hall, Quaker’s Hall Lane, TN13 3TX.
Sevenoaks (Loaves & Fishes) Foodbank is registered with the Charity Commission, charity no. 1194341. 
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